Vehicle Leasing

Fleet and accident management

The fleet and accident management service is managed by MLT Corp and alleviates your liability. We take care of the full repair process as well as manage and control every aspect of accident administration.

Full maintenance lease

Our full maintenance lease service solution provides you with the use of any of our vehicles, at a fixed monthly rental for a pre-determined period and distance. The vehicle is owned and maintained by MLT so we limit your risk. MLT also control the full administration function for the vehicle… sheer convenience.

Vehicle Leasing

We offer flexible month to month long term rental and car leasing options

Our leasing option allows for the pooling of mileages to avoid any unforeseen and costly excess charges

In the event of vehicle downtime due to mechanical failure we will provide a replacement vehicle  so that you will not be inconvenienced in any way

You can upgrade your vehicles regularly and have the benefit of up to date technology feature, increases safety and fuel economy and the right message to your customers with regard to your  marketing strategy

Enjoy a single point access for roadside assistance, insurance claims, vehicle service bookings, fine management, license and registration and any other fleet management requirement, at no additional cost

As we are not a financial service provider our leases will not affect your credit worthiness

Our credit application is quick and easy

Your vehicle is comprehensively covered by our insurance

Hassle free motoring at a fixed monthly cost with no unexpected or hidden cost

Our invoicing will separate the maintenance portion from the lease portion in order to comply with the latest IFRS16 accounting standard

Rent to own

As this is not a finance product we can assist blacklisted clients

The agreement can be extended month to month and the vehicle can be returned at any time without further obligation

No hidden charges, quick turnaround time and a user friendly contract

Insurance, roadside assistance and vehicle tracking included