Most people agree that running a business requires planning, sacrifice and attention to detail. What’s not so clear is how to manage these demands! One strategy, which yields an immediate boost in efficiency and productivity, is partnering with companies who can shoulder delegable administration. To this end, we have recently launched vehicle hire specials to help companies that travel cross-country to keep their focus on the bigger picture.

Business travel can be expensive and time consuming to organise. However, with our limited offers this need not be the case. We have a sizable fleet of 300 vehicles and pride ourselves on offering a viable alternative to spending unnecessary money through larger rental operators.

For those travelling around South Africa for business, hiring our vehicles offers an affordable alternative to taxi services. As meetings often involve peak hour travel, the cost of even short journeys can be ramped up beyond expectation. By hiring through us, however, your business can avoid both this unforeseen additional expense, and give employees autonomy over their movements. Read on to know how we can not only save your business money, but increase efficiency.


Instant fuel saving

South African citizens and businesses have all been affected by the increase in fuel prices this month. Of course, due to the fluctuation of this necessary commodity, budgeting has proven difficult and we have all been forced to trim the fat from our expenses.

Thankfully with our latest car hire special, when you hire a Hyundai i10 for as little as R175 per day, you receive a full tank of petrol. This means that you have advance information on the cost of your journey, and with a vehicle all ready to go can focus on your destination. We’ve handled the preparation to minimise stress so that you can arrive on time, and deliver without distraction.


Extra miles included

Whether you are traveling for a site survey or meeting with a prospective client, we know that every kilometre adds ZAR to the budget and hours on the clock. Although time is not within our control, mileage is. That’s why with any car or bakkie hire beyond a minimum of 7 days you will receive 100km free!

We’ve got something in our fleet for all jobs. Need to guarantee safe transportation of equipment? Hire a bakkie with canopy for as little as R300 per day. If a car is all you require, our vehicle hire will amount to no more than R299, including standard insurance. Organise your transport in one easy step, by allowing us to find the right vehicle and best deal for you.


Big or small, we do it all

Our vehicles are available for long and short-term leases, and all hires include full maintenance options as well as fleet and accident management.

No matter what your business needs, we offer solutions to suit. For a limited time only we are offering savings on hires which exceed seven days. We encourage booking soon, though, as these deals are sure to be snapped up quickly.

If you are looking for seamless transport solutions with a professional touch, visit our website or contact us using the details below. We will be happy to partner with you to take your business wherever it needs to go.


Call: 021 551 7365