At the beginning of the year we unveiled our new branding with an exciting new Corporate Identity. We take pride in our corporate identity which defines what we stand for and who we are. Managed responsibly it becomes a valuable asset to your business. We have extended that new identity into our newly launched SAMBRA branding sign board. Consistency in application is the key to any strong brand.

Branding remains important and promotes recognition. It also helps to set your business apart from the competition, and a strong brand generates referrals. It increases your value and makes acquiring new customers easier. It provides your customers and clients with peace of mind to know that you have a reputable business that belongs to an association who promotes high standards. The SAMBRA logo is the most visible part of our identity and a guarantee of professionalism.

SAMBRA is offering these sign boards to members at a competitive price. The sign boards can be used for indoor and outdoor branding.

Please see board specifications below and images attached hereto. Members are encouraged to replace the old SAMBRA logo sign board with the new one as soon as possible.

Signage printed CMYK OSO on 1,5mm ABS
Size: 800 x 800mm
Trimmed to size
R662.00 each inclusive of VAT
Sign boards will either be delivered to your closest RMI office for collection or you may arrange a courier collection from your nearest RMI office at your own expense.

Please email Zelda Snyman should you wish to place an order.