As a business, we understand how vital it is to steer important decisions away from risky and expensive routes to more manageable and cost-effective routes. At MLT Corp, we offer high-quality services that are designed to help you manage your fleet operations without compromise.

To make your drive towards successful fleet management easier, we provide full maintenance and operating leases (FML) that can be tailored to fit your transport requirements. Our ability to understand your needs means that we can assist you in running a well-oiled fleet and increase your company’s profitability.

The following are the core elements of MLT Corp’s FML programme:


Choose your vehicle

Every business needs a personalised approach to run their operations smoothly. At a fixed monthly rental for a predetermined period and distance, our FML service provides you with the use of good quality, air-conditioned vehicles of your choice.


Skip the risk – only pay for usage

Take the less risky road and only pay for what you use. MLT Corp will take on all responsibility that comes with owning and maintaining the vehicle you use, including providing the capital finance, the fleet management and carrying the maintenance and resale risk.


Risk-free motoring and controlled maintenance

For the full duration of the contract, our FML solution provides fixed-cost, risk-free motoring. MLT Corp handles all authorizations and payments on maintenance and repairs for FML vehicles. This includes licencing and traffic fines.


‘Off-balance sheet’ financing

Our FML service means you don’t need to worry about a growing pothole on your balance sheet. Instead of seeing a depreciating asset on your balance sheet, our monthly rental can be treated as an operating expense.


Lower monthly payments

VAT is not capitalised and is charged on the monthly rental, meaning you can enjoy lower monthly payments with our FML service. In addition, the monthly rentals can be charged directly against profits as a deduction for tax purposes.


Comprehensive reporting

You will be provided with comprehensive fleet management reports on fleet performance through MLT Corp’s service providers. In addition, tracking reports are available on request or on a ring-fenced basis.

Other benefits to our FML programme include substituted vehicles and no capital constraint on vehicle selection.

Drive forward with our streamlined service and let us help you beat the bend on your fleet management and operating costs. Contact us now.