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Multilayer Trade Corporation (MLT Vehicle Hire Company) was founded in 2002 and is actively managed and owned by its founder, Janet Pillai. The company has enjoyed robust growth in the vehicle rental industry. MLT has been successfully growing the vehicle rental market share and offers a bespoke shuttle and chauffer services.

They are positioned as a viable alternative to the larger brands in the car rental space. With a fleet of over 300 vehicles MLT offers the consumer the same selection of foreign and domestic vehicles at a significant discount from the larger rental operators in the market.

The MLT Vehicle Hire brand will continue to gain acceptance and a loyal following, founded on the principle of consistently offering value and superior service to the customer.

MLT Corporation is a 100% Black women owned and managed company. We are proud to be associated with of Cape Town Tourism, FEDHASA , SATSA, SKAL International and the Cape Chamber of Commerce. We have the infrastructure to meet the needs of the insurance, fleet and retail sectors.

Meet the team

To understand what’s behind our ambitions is to know what makes up our DNA. Our company lives and breathes the principals of its founder, Janet Pillai. Those values are responsibility, respect and integrity. We are guided by a cultural compass, one that determines true north by ethics and community. We are not just some corporate initiative but a company that is building a legacy.

Janet Pillai

CEO and founder

Her extensive business knowledge, has built the capacity and infrastructure of the company to manage both mass and niche bespoke needs with both domestic and international clients, making the company success as it states to date currently

Roger Botman

Operations manager

Managing the company and its clientele, the operations manager has several years’ experience ensuring quality is received by our clientele

Martha Williams


Being in control of logistics, Martha, has several years’ experience accommodating the client’s needs as they arise regarding logistical requirements

Shameemah Wessels

Vehicle rental

Managing the vehicle rental department clientele, As well as assisting in maintaining the fleet to ensure all our clients receives excellent vehicles conditions wether hiring or being chauffeured

Lize Marie Foot

Branch manager East London

Heading up our East London Branch, Lize attends to the requests of clients, fleet, business development and so much more. Lize controls a large fleet in East London

Isiah Terrance


Maintaining our accounts, and ensuring all our debtors and creditors are serviced. Isiah is responsible for the overall accounts function

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